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Outdoor Industry Award 2009 – die Träger des Gold Award Teil 2 – Valandré Bloody Mary flexibler Daunenschlafsack

Nun wieder ein weiterer Gold Award Gewinner von der OutDoor 09.

Heute, der oder eher die  Bloody Mary von französischen Hersteller Valandré.

Das besondere an dem Schlafsack ist der zu wechselnde Wärmekragen:

Um die 0 Grad verwendet man den oberen Teil des Wärmekragens (+ 30 g)

Bei Temperaturen bis -12 Grad verwendet man den kompletten Wärmekragen (+ 100g ) 

Ist es warm genug und man kann auf beide Wärmekragen verzichten, wiegt der Schlafsack auch nur 1020 g

Hier mal die Daten:

Daunenverhältnis: 95/5

Füllgewicht: 612 g

Totalgewicht: 1150 g

Volumen: 7 Liter

Innenmaterial:  100% polyester Antistatique 50g/m²

Außenmaterial:  100% polyamide Traité DWR / 37g/m²

Temperaturbereich:  – 19°/-2°/3°C

Hier der Link zum Hersteller + Video

Hier ein Link zum Datenblatt

Hier mal die Beschreibung vom Hersteller Valandré:

Valandré introduces a three-season sleeping bag that exceeds the performance of all other three-season bags on the market: the Bloody Mary. This isn’t just our opinion. Frank Wacker, a writer for the German Outdoor Magazine judged the Bloody Mary to be one of the best, and certainly the most versatile sleeping bag in the world. And the BM recieved the Gold award at the Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen. A sleeping bag that is more versatile than a sherpa on crack. Featuring Valandré’s Tubular Bell construction, an interchangeable collar system, and the world’s best French Fat Grey Goose down, the Bloody Mary will take you across three seasons in amazing comfort.

At the heart of the Bloody Mary is an interchangeable collar system. Three different levels of thermal protection are a zipper pull away. When the temperature is dropping fast, zip in the heaviest of the collars and feel the snug warmth that is sealed in the main body section. Meanwhile, the hood envelops your head with a perfect layer of insulation. As conditions lighten, zip out the heavy collar and put in the mid-weight collar. This collar rests gently on you neck, providing some ventilation while holding most of your warmth in the bag. And finally, as summer is in full swing, don’t get a lighter bag, just leave the collars at home, open the main zipper for full ventilation, and „Et voila“! Extremely flexible comfort.

If the collar system is the heart of the Bloody Mary, the French Fat Grey Goose down is the muscle. Valandré only uses down from the French Fat Grey Goose, a bird capable of migrating at 30,000 feet (10.000m) in -60°F (-50°C) temperatures for days on end. The down is harvested right before the traditional migration time, when it is fresh, clean and at its plumpest. Then, Valandré selects only the lightest down and fills each compartment with just the right amount.

The foundation that all of Valandré’s sleeping bags are built on is our Tubular Bell construction method. Each Bloody Mary is made from 83 individually cut panels and baffles tailored to fit perfectly around the human form. And when these compartments are filled with the French Fat Grey Goose down, they actually lift off of your body as the bag warms up. This isn’t just a container for the down, it is a technological marvel with all components working in harmony to provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio in the industry.

For the best view of what the Bloody Mary sleeping bag can do, view the video link at the top of the page.

Asashi KASEI Impact 66 WR Polyamide Rip Stop/Comfortable Asahi Kasei Polyester Rip Stop (Anti static)
Down Quality:
Goose 850+ cu. in. (US Normes)
Total Weight:
41.4 oz. (1140 g.)
Down Load:
21.9 oz. (620 g.)
65,3/56,7/41,7 Inch. (166/144/106cm)
Compressed Volume:
7 litres
Length (inside):
S: 66.9 in./170 cm
M: 72.8 in./185cm
L: 78.7 in./200cm
Comfort Rating:
28,4°F (-2°C) (Limit EN 13537)
Extreme Rating:
-2,2°F (-19°C) (EN 13537)


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